Hitting three birds with one stone

The story of Everett and Ariana last week reads like a fairy tale:

“We bought an electricity meter, with an app showing the kWh use on our phones display.  Every day we plug in a piece of equipment in our household. Then we read out the kWh that this equipment consumes in a day.”

Ariana continued: “This is three birds with one stone:

  1. We save a lot of money
  2. With this CO2 reduction, we really contribute to the future of our children
  3. And, we feel better, because the energy mostly comes from doubtful countries, like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and so on.”

Last Tuesday Everett plugged in his speaker/amplifier surround sound system he installed about 20 years ago. Seldom he uses it, but it is always on standby. Everett discovered that just the standby mode costs him about 500 kWh per year, so about 300 Euro.

Thursday Ariana figured out the drying machine. This is by far the biggest consumer and she knew that. So she uses the ECO button. She discovered that the thing still eats about 320 kWh per year. Now they are thinking of a little roof just outside the laundry room, to let the laundry dry on a line, on the air.. The drying is slower, but your cloths feel fresher, and it is better for your cloths. 

Plus, the earlier mentioned three birds you hit with this single stone.

This measuring, we do it already on board since the Ya started sailing. We saw all guests getting aware of the consumption of the equipment, of themselves. They started becoming ecofriendly from the inside out. Why don’t you do the same?

On ‘Ya’ the electricity meter is positioned on a central place, like a clock.

Putins fear delivers -like all fears- enormous disadvantages. Like the disadvantage of a high energy bill. But, as the reknown Dutch football player, football coach and philosopher Mr. Johan Cruyff always said: “In every disadvantage there is an advantage.” It this case there are even three.

Hit them.