Sustainable cruising

The Ya sails around the world without using fossil fuels. No diesel, no gas, no petrol. On-board life is energy neutral and very comfortable. Sustainable cruising means to us: sailing globally, living locally. We buy, eat, live and act where we anchor.
With the locals we exchange information and methods about sustainability and living self supporting. Whatever we learn from them, we share with you on our blog. In exchange, we deliver a clean wave in all corners of the globe.

Here we are right now
When sailing, we regularly post our position with a short message and, if possible, a picture. So, check our itinerary on the map. Check the Schedule to find out where we intend to go and see all the places you can meet us.


Building biobased, nitrogen clean and carbon positive

Building biobased, nitrogen clean and carbon positive

It is possible. It is competitive, and it is fast.
Within a year a building is build and ready with 50 care units and daytime activities, aimed at residents who receive care and guidance from the Salvation Army

This building sets a standard in affordable, biobased construction for healthcare.

Is nuclear energy sustainable?

Since last year, Europe has decided that nuclear energy is sustainable.
Is that actually true?
The original definition for sustainable development was formulated by the Brundtlandt Commission, in the report Our Common Future:
Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

So roughly: meet your own needs, but don’t damage the world for your future generations.

What I learned from my mother is that you should clean up your own mess and not leave it for your little brother. I assume that will also apply to grown ups: each generation cleans up its own mess.

Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries, the do’s and don’ts

Per watthour, LFP batteries are 4 times lighter, 3-4 times less voluminous than lead acid. Because there is more effective energy content, you can buy smaller ones. That makes them competitive to lead-acid batteries. And because they live longer if you treat them nice, they can even be cheaper.
How to make them live long? Some do’s and don’ts.

Check out the details

The Ya in detail
The Ya is specially designed and built as a sustainable sailing vessel. She has a proven track record. Already the Ya made a trip around the world, being the first vessel ever not using fossil fuel at all. To be honest, for the Ya it is impossible to use fossil fuels for she has no engine! Follow this link to check out the details.

Clean Wave

Clean Wave Foundation
The Clean Wave Foundation is a Dutch charity foundation. Its purpose is to strive for zero emissions and use every possible wave to get here. Over the years, we have seen a growing international interest on the Dutch Sustainable Yacht project and this resulted in the fossilfree around the world campaign. Learn more on the page About us.

The Team
A dedicated team of all kinds of professionals is supporting the Ya, because they all believe in the green message. Of course they are contributing their work voluntary. There is always room for more help, so meet our team members and join them if you feel like helping us out!

Contact us

Interested in seeing the Ya, in a lecture, workshop or join us on a trip? Or wishing to volunteer in keeping the Ya sailing en achieving her green targets?
Send us an email:

Call us or leave a message on Signal or Whatsapp: +316 283 44 823

The Clean Wave Foundation’s residence:
Schoonoordstraat 12 B
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