A Merry and (de)lightful Christmas!

Christmas, the midwinter fest, when the light brings the faith for the future.

Good wishes and enlighten the future times with led.

You got your Christmas tree? You still have the old-fashioned string of light bulbs? Or did you put LED lights in it? Here 4 reasons on a row to do so and 1 reason to choose for the light bulb.

“It is the economy, stupid”, said Bill to Hillary while running for president, and he won. Led consumes four times less (or lesser) than the light bulb. It saves on the long run.

The Fun reason. You can buy such LED string with an extra little box. With the buttons on this box you can make it all flashy,  colors running the string. Here in the Caribbean, they love it! (and to accentuate that, they turn up the volume of their music a bit more).

LED works longer. A light bulb makes 2000 hours, a good LED light works 50.000 to 100.000 hours. Let us count only 15.000 hours for the LED string that you once bought for a very special price. So each 7th of December you tangle this bargain around your tree with so much pleasure, every time excited that it still works when you put the plug in. Well, this LED string will most probably still function when you are too old to tangle it around your tree anyhow. A little legacy.

Fourth reason is about the real legacy your led brings. You do less damage to the future generations. Because you spend less energy, so CO2. And, you create less environmentally hazardous garbage. It gives more change to the future of your children and grandchildren.

Let us finally save the honor of the light bulb. The bulb’s price is cheaper. Especially these days, because the salesmen knows that people will buy led for sure, so they want to get rid of their last stock. Tell him that you know that and enlighten your years with led.