Cooking Revisited

The reactions on the cooking blog ‘Cook fast, or cook slow, cook new style’ learned that there is more. Here they come: the closing lids, the half power, the Eco stove and the Solar Oven.

First of all: well closing lids

This basic of all basics was not mentioned in the last blog., sorry!

It is important that your lids close well. The cooking is not even effective with bad lids, because the top of your food will not be well cooked whilst the food on the bottom is already well done.

Half the power, 45% less

Do you always kick your pedal down till the floor while driving? No? Why do we do it with cooking then? Stop cooking on maximum power. You save a lot.


(left) The temperature meter just over the lit shows a near 80 degrees C, and  (right) when  cooking on 50% the temperature heater shows 40 degrees. Both measured within half a minute with cold water in the pan.

The temperature gives the indication that much of the heat just flows away into your kitchen or galley, unused. If you measure the used gas, you can save 45%.

So use the gas you need and cook half power.

Insulation box or eco stove

Someone mailed us this beautiful and easy alternative for the hay box. It is not cheap, but it is good stuff. A typical Dutch invention and it is called (translated) the Eco-stove. Check

The Eco stove works basically as the haybox, with insulation. But this is a flexible, movable and good looking version.

Check the solar cooker

You can also cook without gas at all. Check the link:

Here Karen bakes a cake, but the Solar Cooker also works with vegetables, meat, just as an oven.