Coral reef in the Dominican Republic

We went snorkelling at Las Palmillas, in the South East of the Dominican Republic. And in 5 minutes we saw 2 starfish and 1 small manta ray, but also lots and lots of very dead seagrass. So, we wondered: what is the state of Coral Reefs in the Dominican Republic? We asked Luca, the owner of Coral Point, one of the biggest diving centres in the Dominican Republic. 

Inge asks Luca (Coral Point) about the coral reef in Bayahibe

Luca came to the Dominican Republic 20 years ago. The coral reef was much more colourful then. He is hopeful. A short while ago they saw seahorses. There is still hope. But, the sewage system has to improve. Big resorts and towns drain their waste water through the sewers without treatment. 

Also, dangerous sunscreens, especially the ones containing Oxybenzone, have to stop. Read our next blogs to know more.

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