Can we buy local food in Rotterdam?

We prefer to buy fruit and vegetables from local farmers. Can we do this in the big city of Rotterdam? Well, Rotterdam is bursting with green initiatives, so the answer is yes, we can! 

Wendy takes out the groceries we ordered

“Rechtstreex” brings local demand and supply together, using internet and clever logistics. 

Map showing the ‘Rechstreex’ pick-up points in Rotterdam and The Hague

Once a week you order and a few days later you can pick up your groceries. 

Sign showing customers to the ‘Rechtstreex’ pick-up point; opened only once a week
The ‘Rechtstreex’ shop does not look like a shop – and that is correct, it’s a pick-up point. Of course you get your groceries fossil free: by bike!
Wendy is proud of the boxes filled with fruit and vegetables from nearby farmers, waiting for their customers to come pick them up
The fruit and vegetables are excellent

When you buy something, you can see exactly from which farm it comes. In their newsletter, ‘Rechtstreex’ tells the stories of the companies and the people behind the fruit and vegetables. This way, you get a better understanding of what it takes to grow your food.

Furthermore, the food comes from nearby, it is superfresh, from the season, and you buy it for a fair price. You know what the best part is? ‘Rechtstreex’ buys from farmers who contribute to a healthy and sustainable world.