An honest question

Going slow saves a lot. When you go faster, the necessary energy  (the fuel consumption)  grows exponentially? This graph shows the solution to save you some money and the world a climate problem.

This graph says how much power in kilowatts is necessary for every knot of speed, for a 12 meter cruising yacht.

An example.
Suppose your taxi driver drives slow, say 40 miles per hour. You ask him to go 60. So 50% extra. He says: “OK, but you have to pay me double money”.  Would you do that?  You would call him a rip-off, a swindler.

Another example.
Let us say you go 4 knots with your boat. Costs you 4.3 kW, about 2 dollar/Euro every hour. But speeding up with 2 knots to 6 knots, costs 8,5. Would cost you 4 dollar/euro per hour. So for only 50% extra, you have to pay double.

Why are so many people ripping themselves off?

Why are there so many people even trying to make even 7 knots in stead of 6 with their sailing (!) yacht, which nearly doubles the costs again?

In their spare time, even their leisure time.

I honestly don’t understand.

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