Wednesday is Earth Overshoot Day.

Let the things you bought be usable for many years, let them be durable and repairable. In that case: congratulations with everything you bought. Or will it soon end up in the trash, your barn or the attic?

Please be aware, the consumption of the people here on Earth becomes larger and larger. The quantity of ‘stuff’ we have is so big, it costs too many materials. Mother Earth becomes exhausted, depleted. When?

Next June 5, we people on Earth will have consumed that much, that from that date we need a second Earth if we don’t want to exhaust her. That day the overshoot takes place. (source:

We are the worst 10%

There is a consistency. The higher the income, the bigger the footprint. The 19 richest people create 10% of the footprint. The 10% richest -that is generally where we belong- make 50% of the Earths footprint.

You see it clearly on the Overshoot Day per country.

The Dutch Overshoot day was already on April 1. In the USA it was March 14. Qatar is the biggest loser (or winner,in terms of consuming).

Much happier?

Most of the impact is caused by the people with income, generally the Western people. (A little impact is caused by the growth of the The idea of buying all that stuff is that you would become happier. Well, since the Overshoot Day this year is nearly two months earlier, we consumed much more.

So compared to last year, would we be so much happier this year?

From consumentism to happiness

Or did you buy because marketing told you that you would need it? In that case, shut off the marketing machines like Whatsapp, Instagram and Google, or other commercial media. You could use Signal instead of Whatsapp, or read a book, see a movie, or, very simple see your friends.

That saves money, and you can put your money where your heart is.

So many people spend half a years income to buy the car they are happy with. Every day. ;-)