Some energy saving ideas

A computer uses about 10% of its energy input. The causes:
– by converting it to the right electricity, it dissipates heat – most of it: because it is on when you don’t use it. So there is much to save

Street lights and as highway lights are always on. It can be less and it can be off many times.

Silent use: every night befor you go to sleep you simply shut off the complete group(s) of electricity you don’t need at night and you save hundreds of Euros per year.

You have your energy on an app? Take an old cell phone, install the app and put the phone on the place where the clock in your living room is. It will change your consumption rapidly.

Dont take a drink on a terrace with their heaters on.

Connect your dish washing machine to the hot water tap.

Investing in solar panels on your roof would save at this moment 10%. What does your bank give you?

Start an energy company.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Put an electric blanket on your couch

Airports: make air strips with a steep angle: the plane goes down to start and it goes up when landing.

Subsidise saltwater batteries for domestic use (and other batteries without biocides), to reduce the stress on the electricity net and you prevent ‘burning’ energy