Ready to go East

Genaro and me decided to leave. We are ready to go East, so we will go. Along the Panama coast. We haven’t decided where to go to, wether it will be the San Blas archipelago, some 250 milies, or to Colon, the Panama Canal, some 150 miles. Since it is still the rain season now, we should get some Western wind. But… there is no rain at all!. Climate change? Who knows. However, there is hardly any wind, and if some, it comes from the East.

On the very West is Bocas del Toro, the archipelago we leave. Follow our course line to the very east and that is San Blas., a 250 mile trip. Colon is on 2/3. (picture: courtesy Predictwind).

Some 20-30 miles from the coast, there runs a strong Easterly current. It is about 1.5 to 2.5 miles per hour. So we can get somewhere.

The current (green area) brlngs us for sure to Colon, but we hope to get wind to make San Blas. (picture: courtesy Predictwind)

With 40 kWh energy on board, we never ever can do the trip on the electric engine. But no worries, we have plenty to bring us out of the current to Colon, or to a San Blas island.

We will just go East

If our progress is still 30-40 miles a day, we can make the San Blas Islands.  If it stays slow, we go to Colon. We will see what happens.

We simply filled the water tanks and bought food for a week.

Our fruit for this week is -in the order we will probably eat it- a big papaya, bananas, a pineapple,  small unripe oranges, and some limonchi to put in our drinks. We also bought passion fruit, not visible, already eaten ;-).

So actually the whole fossilfree sailing is not that complicated. Simply choose for a good weather and current prediction program, and take your time. Let go the speed factor, the norm to make many miles a day on an engine. Just enjoy the sea and the weather, the silence, the nature, the fruit and food we got on board.

The time you read it, we are already somewhere. Where? Perhaps you can see that on