Ode to the Parasailor

Ode to the Parasailor in image, and spoken

Shall I compare you to a summer’s day?
You are more temperate in the early winds of May
In July calms you are willing I dare say
On all the seas and streams I stray
Before our mast you’re here you stay

First you play the hard to get
Yes, you make a sailor sweat
With your four sheets and halyard fetched
Without a twist or tangle yet
I know once that’s done, you are all set

Your hoist is long, a pillar from a pile
Of ultralight cloth every inch worthwhile
The sock shuffles up, in a gentle style
The wing widens out into its full profile
Making the sail fill in a breathtaking while
Then my wife at the helm shows a beam wide smile

Your sheets get tension when you fill the sky
On your trim you are such an easy guy
No luff neither leeway – all seas to defy
The helmsman stands with a twinkle in the eye:
“You make our yacht sail as light as a fly”

You bring her to speeds we never expect
Even in light winds, you see what you get
Spinaker, gennaker, code zero
They broach and tangle and twist, oh hell no
When breezes pick up from steady to fresh
Your wing valve saves us from a broach and a crash

Mile after mile we are making right now
Sailing the seas with you over our bows
Enjoying you comp’ny day after day
We stay fossil fuel free so easy this way
The Autoprop generates hundreds of Watts
We ‘ll arrive at the harbour with the batteries topped

O You Parasailor are so very alright
We dare set and sail you even throughout the night
Because your design is so smart and profound
We sail you shorthanded the world around
Making our course so easy at the helm
Crossing the ocean, my ship is my realm


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