Fossil free city transport in Cartagena

Here in Cartagena, Colombia, we see, as simple Western people, what we have lost on fossil free solutions. One of these solutions is definitely the flexible and cheap and accessible means of transport. Look what we’ve found!

There’s noisy cars, vans and taxis everywhere.
But also… other vehicles, without engines!

Colombia has the advantage here. All variations of fossil free transport are still present. In Western cities we gave them all way to the bigger means, “for safety reasons”. And indeed, all smaller transport is pushed to the margins and the big cars and trucks have that much space, they can’t do harm anymore. Now, with much pain and difficulties, planners and traffic planners are experimenting, like in a Paris area around schools, where they forbid all cars. Or like in Amsterdam, where they stimulate the bikes again. Well, reluctantly, not too much, because the Amsterdam county needs ‘her’ parking fees. Better do it as in Cartagena, where still all is possible. And in the mean while, many people have a proud living from it.