Dragonflies on board of Ya

Traveling slowly allows us to see some marvelous creatures of the land, the sea, and the water. There is still so much worth enjoying and cherishing. Look at these dragonflies; all pictures were taken on board of Ya. 

The pink/red dragonfly that visited us in Gambia stayed on board for a long time…
…. allowing us to see its wings and tail in different colors according to the angle with the light.
Gambia brought two more amazing dragonflies; one with a blue tail…
…. and one with a blue back, that resembles a head.
In Cartagena a curious urban-fashion-style dragonfly cast a long shadow on deck, even now remembering us of the permanent beat of music in this vibrant town.

Some say it’s a good sign to see a dragonfly. So, we gladly share these pictures with you.

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